Elly & Stoffl

A magic dwells in each beginning.Hermann Hesse

Elly & Stoffl began in autumn 2007. And that was also the beginning of our success story. In the heart of Munich, we put our idea into practice: a bilingual premium daycare centre for children that has long opening hours and is also open during the holidays. We now have seven houses. My child is in the best hands, from the outset. Your wishes are our wishes – from the crèche to the bilingual grammar school. Elly & Stoffl is the first daycare centre in Munich to be awarded a Kneipp certification and the first in Bavaria to have received the German kindergarten seal of approval.


Mein Kind in besten Händen, von Anfang an.

Have you heard about our Jules Verne Campus?

The Jules Verne Campus in Munich-Altperlach on Bayerwaldstr. 8 is a state-approved bilingual elementary school, including all-day concept and supervision throughout the school holidays. Since September 2015, a grammar school ("Gymnasium") is part of the Jules Verne Campus as well. The grammar school features a science branch as well as a modern language branch.