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Our team

I would vouch for my team at a moment's notice.

Each one of them is filled with enthusiasm, warmth and professionalism. If this is what you identify with, you are a perfect match for us.

Susann Schleif, founder of Elly & Stoffl

Everyday life at Elly & Stoffl draws its strength from the people who put a face to our vision. People who put our ideas into practice, epitomise them and truly identify with them. Our childcare workers are there for your child from its first and most important step. Every single day. With enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism. And with all their heart.

What moves our team

Was unser Team Bewegt Rahmen


Please get in touch with Sibille Siebig to talk about potential vacancies.

Sibille Siebig

Personnel Officer

Röntgenstraße 15
81679 Munich
Telephone: +49 (0)89 66 66 33 99 - 20
Fax: +49 (0)89 66 66 33 99 - 11
Email: s.siebig@ellyundstoffl.de

Mein Kind in besten Händen, von Anfang an.

Elly & Stoffl

Have you heard about our Jules Verne Campus?

The Jules Verne Campus in Munich-Altperlach on Bayerwaldstr. 8 is a state-approved bilingual elementary school, including all-day concept and supervision throughout the school holidays. Since September 2015, a grammar school ("Gymnasium") is part of the Jules Verne Campus as well. The grammar school features a science branch as well as a modern language branch.