Elly & Stoffl



Dear children, do you know who we are?

Well, I am Elly! And I am terribly curious, wild and bubbly. I love cherry trees, cloud animals and dragonflies, because their beautiful wings glitter in the sun… as if the stars lived in them. What I like to do most of all, is to lie in the warm, green summer grass and get comfortable … as comfortable as possible. Then I breathe in and out and out and in and theeeeen only the smell of fresh waffles can lure me away.

Well, I am Elly!

And of course Stoffl!

And of course Stoffl! He can do it, too. Do you know who he is? He is my very best, favourite friend! With him, the mud is muddier, the sun is sunnier and jelly babies are jelly babier. Stoffl has a sea of wonderful ideas inside his heart. Then he builds a supersonic aeroplane made from caramel sweets or a jolly stag beetle from cotton buds. He loves molehills, sugar snap peas and silvery, big-bellied vases, because you can move your face up and down in them in such a funny way. Oh and his very favourite thing is to take a bite out of a freshly baked loaf of bread from the Kunze bakery, even though it's still really hot. And that doesn't bother him at all.


Together we hide in orchards and wait for the fruit to fall off the trees. Or we crawl around in an old cellar to look for the unknown, cycle across the seven hills towards the sunset and at some point we will find the treasure at the end of the rainbow that his grandfather always talked about.


Elly & Stoffl

We experience so many exciting things together and... But now I have to go. The balloons want to rise into the sky with us, because a cloud ship is waiting for us there!

Why don't you come with us on our adventurous tour of life.
There is plenty to marvel at!

Will you join us?

See you soon!

Yours, Elly and Stoffl!

Mein Kind in besten Händen, von Anfang an.

Elly & Stoffl